Thursday, May 31, 2007


I went around Pete's garden the other day and just shot a whole bunch of the flowers and plants they had. The color on these is a little off in these photographs. They get a little desaturated when they upload but they're alright. I have always liked photographing flowers but I am constantly looking for new angles and ways to shoot them to improve my images. I always thought it was so boring and cliche to shoot flowers, it's like photographing children. They're always doing something interesting, colorful. I like pushing myself to always keep it interesting.
I also figured out how to shoot in black and white on my camera. I think it's strange that I didn't know how to do it before. I was so used to just doing it in photoshop.
I was trying to photograph Charlie the poodle in black and white. He is so dark so it was difficult to get the contrast and lighting just right. I was having trouble at first getting definition in the darkest parts. It was really difficult to get his eyes to stand out against his fur. I think I got some really good images from this shoot. I am really starting to benefit from these impromtu shoots. It is really helpful to just bring my camera everywhere with me. I am learning a lot and getting a lot of fun images.

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