Friday, June 1, 2007

thinking about lighting

Last night I was photographing Pete and Ben in their kitchen. It was dark and I had to use a flash but I really didn't like the way that the flash lighting is so harsh. I don't have an external flash yet so I have no way of directing the light. So I improvised a little. I picked up a credit card from the counter and used the back of it to bounce the light off the ceiling. I was really pleased with the results! The bounced light is so much more flattering. The picture with Ben in the hat is direct light and the picture sans hat is the bounced! The difference is amazing, I was really excited!

Eventually I will get an external flash that I can direct the light from. But until then I will keep using this impromptu method.

I even taught Pete how to bounce light so that he could take better photos too. This is one he took of me at the end of the night. Ive been saying that I think that these spontaneous little shoots are helping me learn a lot and it's definitely true. I am learning to figure things out on my own and it feels good. I know most of this from my classes and from shooting already but it is nice to use it in everyday things and not just a project I am working on for class etc.
My thought for the day.......when you don't have enough money to buy expensive equipment, improvise!

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