Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 3 English "Countrysiding"

Today we went out to Lavenham. It's a town not too far from here that still has all of the original tudor buildings. It was really neat, the town also had a gorgeous old church, as most English towns do. The church was so fun and interesting, and it was so beautiful!

When we were done at the church we went to walk around the town for a bit before our afternoon tea. All of the houses and buildings were from 1600ad or older! Most of them were probably much older than that. A lot of the houses have thatched roofs, not the original ones obviously! The thatching gets replaced every 100 years; it was so neat to see all of the colors!

This orange house was used as a refuge for children during WWII and then german bombings in London.
If you look past the ugly construction on the bottom left, it is a gorgeous old house! After our walk around town we went down the the "Tickled Pink" tea house to have some lunch and proper afternoon tea! It was so cute, we stayed around for about two hours just talking and having tea. My dad and Bob went to Wimbledon today so it was just a girls tea, my mom Liz and my sisters.

This is all Im going to write for the day. Ill do a whole posting of pictures like I did yesterday. I think I am going to do that everyday. I will do a post that has a little bit about the pictures and then post all pictures for the second entry! Hope you enjoy!

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