Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sorry! No pictures!

I havent been able to access my computer for the last couple of days so I wont be posting pictures again until tomorrow. I have some goreous pictures from yesterday. We visited Sandringham which is the Queen's summer home! We were there when we were little but it was so fun and gorgeous. They have miles and miles of gardens.
For now we are staying in Derby (pronounced Darby). Its been raining so we havent really been able to do as much touring but its still been fun. This morning we toured the Royal Crown Derby china factory and saw where/ how they made all of their china. It's really expensive, the Royal Family uses it on their dinner tables! I hope that it stops raining this afternoon, we are going to go out shopping and exploring! Ill post more later.

I promise pictures tomorrow!


Phoebe said...

Matt's home (yeah) and we had grandma and grandpa over for dinner randma lved looking at your photos and was particularly impressed by how lovely the Huddlestons home is. Keep posting when you can! Love to you all!

Phoebe said...

Sorry about the typos! I should proofread better! :(